Light Needs Dark was born out of compassion for the opposites of life. As I witnessed the 2016 election and the events leading up to it, I saw an entire nation (and world) divided against itself. Unprecedented fighting, finger-pointing, and hurt feelings made me realize how gripped we are with fear. The lack of forgiveness and understanding made my sensitive soul weep. Light Needs Dark is my small contribution to soothing this imbalance. My desire is to illuminate the deep truth that we are all the same soul and the same consciousness, just different expressions of it. We are literally exactly the same, we’re just wearing different hats and playing different characters.

I grew up thinking that I was a walking contradiction. As an introvert and writer in high school, I also acted in plays and did public speaking in church. In college as a Bible student, I was always asking skeptical questions about dogma. I eventually left the church but I am happily married to Maurice, a devout Christian. As a Black woman I’ve always had a passion for justice and racial equality, but honestly my closest friends are not black. My whole life I thought that something was seriously wrong with me and I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I had to do shadow work and go through several dark nights of the soul before realizing that everything was meant to be integrated within me.

Light Needs Dark is an external expression of the internal realizations I’ve had about duality. This blog contains deeply personal, candid stories about how I’ve struggled through the years to makes sense of my spiritual journey. It is my contribution to you; and this is the least I can do for you… because you are love. Thanks so much for visiting.


Carla Calloway, Founder of Light Needs Dark

Carla is a podcaster and freelance writer who enjoys exploring spiritual concepts. She was born in Philadelphia in 1984 and moved to Chicago to attend the University of Chicago in the fall of 2002. Carla is an enthusiastic learner and a thoughtful communicator. She now lives in the south suburbs of Chicago with her husband Maurice.

Carla is a graduate of Illinois Media School and holds a bachelors degree from Moody Bible Institute. Carla began writing poetry at age nine and has had a knack for writing ever since. She spent most of high school reciting her poems in front of audiences and acting in theater. As time went on Carla became more and more deeply intrigued with the mind and the emotions. “I am endlessly curious about life’s paradoxes,” she says.

Carla looks forward to writing and publishing books in the future and starting a consulting business. “Hopefully we can all come to love and embrace ourselves and emerge from the emotional dark age,” she says. Carla would like to have a radio talk show where she can discuss new horizons in spirituality. In her words, “Everything gets better when you love yourself.”