Transforming Guilt Into Gratefulness: A Shadow Work Exercise

I don’t like taking responsibility for myself on my spiritual journey. I wish I had someone to blame. It’s hard enough trying to figure out why I’m here and what I’m “supposed to learn” while I’m here, but the most annoying thing about being responsible for me and only me is the guilt. I have no one to blame but myself these days.  Continue reading “Transforming Guilt Into Gratefulness: A Shadow Work Exercise”

Peace is Possible With or Without Conversation

In the over-verbalized life of a modern (American) adult, we tend to feel the need to talk, text, and type about everything. Everything needs to be a conversation, especially in relationships. As a recovering verbal processor, I’ve often felt the need to get closure with someone I’ve had a disagreement with by talking to them. But now that my belief system has changed, I don’t look to a conversation for comfort about an ending. This article is NOT about spouses.  Continue reading “Peace is Possible With or Without Conversation”

Humility And Arrogance Are Both Connected To Insecurity

I’ve always liked to believe that arrogance is bad, and humility is good. But what if they’re both bad, and what if they’re both good? Whether good or bad, they’re both connected to insecurity. We like humble people because we’re insecure. We don’t like arrogant people because we are insecure.  Continue reading “Humility And Arrogance Are Both Connected To Insecurity”

Gaia is Quite Grown and Doesn’t Need Anyone to Save Her

“Gaia, the earth is angry at us!”

“Global warming is real!”

“Global warming is not real!”

“Eat organic and don’t eat meat.”

“Don’t litter.”

“Save all the endangered species.”

“The oils have contaminated the oceans.”

“Chemtrails are destroying the atmosphere!”

I’ve said or thought all of the above. When I first learned about the earth’s sentience, I felt the need to come to her rescue. I thought she was angry at humans. I was overwhelmed with everything that I thought was required of me until I realized that this was actually a narrow perspective. Things are perfect just the way they are here on Gaia, and we need to trust that she has the strength and the courage to take care of herself.  Continue reading “Gaia is Quite Grown and Doesn’t Need Anyone to Save Her”

Silence is Intimidating but Words Create Duality

How is it possible for an introvert to be uncomfortable with silence? I have no idea, but I’m an introvert and I’m uncomfortable with silence when I’m alone. I like keeping quiet around others because speaking gives the opportunity for words to be misinterpreted; so I’d rather just listen and occasionally throw in a funny or understanding comment. I like watching people listen too. If I’m watching an interview, I pay attention to how well the interviewer is listening to the guest.  Continue reading “Silence is Intimidating but Words Create Duality”