Is Proverbs 31 Really About The Earth?

Is Proverbs 31 about women or about the Earth? If you think it’s the former, you probably think that women have to be perfect (especially if they’re wives or mothers) But if you think it’s the later, you might be encouraged.

I’m not a Christian anymore, but the Bible will always fascinate me. I will always respect the gut-wrenching stories and the powerful poetry. Once you get liberated from doctrine and dogma, you can really appreciate the symbolism and allegory.

Taking everything literally in the Bible can be painful. I used to think that Proverbs 31 was the Biblical standard for the perfect woman. Evangelicals use this passage to “encourage” women as wives and mothers all the time. But is this passage really about ideal Biblical womanhood? Or is it really about resourcefulness?  Continue reading “Is Proverbs 31 Really About The Earth?”