Duality Has Two Meanings

When you study astrology and mythology, it shifts your perception of reality. It makes you realize that humanity is pretty fucked up and duality is the reason; but we’re not the only ones.  The hermetic “as above, so below” concept applies.

This is a funny paradigm shift to adopt because we’ve been programmed to believe that the heavenly bodies are not alive. And once we do realize that they’re alive, we think that they’re angelic… and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The planets are a mess! Duality applies to them and their shadows directly affect our lives. All we do is reflect the heavenly bodies’ shadows down here.

Let’s take Saturn for example: he is extremely work oriented and he lives for efficiency. He is the ruler of time, law, and order. He is the reason why every corporation has policies and procedures.

Saturn’s relationship with Gaia is pretty amicable. Their opposing qualities refine each other. She respects and learns from his stability; he respects and learns from her creativity. But they get on each other’s nerves a lot too.

Gaia’s habit of reinventing herself stresses Saturn out because it forces him to return to the drawing board; and any time she feels like he’s being too controlling, she curses him out and pushes him away.

“You’re not my father Saturn so please, back off!!!!”

“But you asked for oversight. I’m just doing what I said I would do.”

“I didn’t ask for a tyrant!”

Usually after one of these exchanges, Uranus will seize the opportunity to save Gaia from Saturn’s stubbornness, and he’ll instigate a revolution of some sort. Gaia will show her appreciation for Uranus with affection (which makes him very happy because he’s pretty obsessed with her).

But when the Sun sees this, he will not be outdone. He is very competitive and he plays entirely too much, so he will do something to take Gaia’s attention away from Uranus. Yes, they really are that petty.

And so if this is the case, it opens the door to a better understanding of why we all behave the way we do. Our need to compete, confuse, and control comes from above. And knowing this makes me feel better.

Is Proverbs 31 Really About The Earth?

Is Proverbs 31 about women or about the Earth? If you think it’s the former, you probably think that women have to be perfect (especially if they’re wives or mothers) But if you think it’s the later, you might be encouraged.

I’m not a Christian anymore, but the Bible will always fascinate me. I will always respect the gut-wrenching stories and the powerful poetry. Once you get liberated from doctrine and dogma, you can really appreciate the symbolism and allegory.

Taking everything literally in the Bible can be painful. I used to think that Proverbs 31 was the Biblical standard for the perfect woman. Evangelicals use this passage to “encourage” women as wives and mothers all the time. But is this passage really about ideal Biblical womanhood? Or is it really about resourcefulness?  Continue reading “Is Proverbs 31 Really About The Earth?”

Power: Why Can’t I Have It?

Whelp… this is confusing. Today my job reminded me once again that I value efficiency just as much as I value compassion. That would be great if I had unlimited power to go with my high emotional intelligence, but I don’t.

So when someone calls me with a problem, it bothers me that I can’t solve the problem directly, all I can do is apologize and issue concessions; irritating.

What the hell is the point of being the point of contact for an inconvenience if you can’t solve the customer’s problem? I’m totally fine with you yelling at me if I have the power to tell you with confidence, “I fixed it.” That’s all I’ve ever wanted to say to people: I fixed it.  Continue reading “Power: Why Can’t I Have It?”

The United States Defines Freedom: A Shadow Work Excerise

I realize that the price for freedom is giving up your need to be in control. If you want to be free, you have to allow for everyone else to be free too; and that can be a little bit of an inconvenience.

Now, I like to personify everything. It helps me make sense of life, it’s fun, and it’s also addictive. So I personified the United States and started thinking about how she could be feeling right now.

I wondered what she would say to us. In my mind I believe that the US is a lot like Gaia: smart, funny, sexy, sassy, and values freedom to a fault. I think that freewill is and always will be her problem because she is blindly in love with her husband Democracy. Here’s what she told me:  Continue reading “The United States Defines Freedom: A Shadow Work Excerise”

Gaia Is Not Angelic But We Insist on Believing She Is

Gaia wants us to get a grip on reality, so let’s start with a reality check about her. Gaia is not an angel. She is a soul inside of a body; and you can’t be angelic when you’re inside of a body. You can be inspiring, yes, empowering, yes. But you cannot be happy and perfect all the time.

The body won’t allow this. It’s too authentic to pretend that it doesn’t have needs. I don’t care how much you pray and meditate, your body will always need food and water and it won’t let you get away with ignoring its needs for long.

Gaia is tired of this innocent image we humans have of her. She’s like your favorite pop star that started off virginal and sweet, but then got sick of faking it, and suddenly transformed before your eyes into a sexy, sassy adult. Gaia is not that virginal character anymore and she honestly never was that character.  Continue reading “Gaia Is Not Angelic But We Insist on Believing She Is”