The Duality/Freewill Contract

Duality started this whole thing. I enjoy writing about my hypocrisy. My hypocrisy is consistent so I know I’ll never run out of material. I don’t remember the first time that I felt like a hypocrite but I know that I’ve felt this way for most of my life. I’ve always done what you’re not supposed to do. Continue reading “The Duality/Freewill Contract”

I Refuse To Stop Eating Meat, But I Admire Vegans

I can’t stop eating meat. I haven’t even tried. When I get hungry, I ask my body what she wants to eat and the answer is usually meat. I literally day dream about well-seasoned chicken, perfectly cooked steak, and greasy pepperoni pizza. Is my relationship with meat co-dependent?  Continue reading “I Refuse To Stop Eating Meat, But I Admire Vegans”