You Can’t Have Freedom Apart From Dark Truths

Is ignorance really bliss? I was blissfully unaware that my mother is a narcissist who abused me emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I just thought she was normal and that something was wrong with me. But as it turns out, you’re only as free as you are self-aware.

After our last argument, I chose to go no contact with Mom for good. The rest of my family can’t see my point of view, so none of them are speaking to me –not even my dad.  Continue reading “You Can’t Have Freedom Apart From Dark Truths”

Self-Empowerment and “Nasty People”

The self-empowerment road is very strange. It requires us to make some weird connections. In our society we have the “nice people” and “the nasty people.” We look to media and culture for cues on how to define and react to both groups. For example: 1) the nice people pay their taxes, while the nasty people spend the tax payers’ money; 2) the nice people work and go home to their families, while the nasty people lead selfish and sadistic lives; and 3) the nice people will go somewhere relatively pleasant when they die, while the nasty people will more than likely go to a place of torment. Now, this way of thinking would be completely harmless if the world we live in wasn’t built on duality, but it is, and that makes the way we think of and treat the “nasty people” a self-empowerment issue.  Continue reading “Self-Empowerment and “Nasty People””

A Judgmental Empath is an Empowered Empath

“You are very judgmental!”

“Carla, please don’t judge me.”

“I don’t know about your gift of discernment Carla, you seem a little off.”

“When you say things like that, it makes me feel judged.”

“You are such a bitch.”

It bothers me that the word “empath” is not included in any of my word processor’s dictionaries. It’s not even on, but anyway…I would like to propose a new perspective on judgment because the comments above (that I’ve received) from family, coworkers, and friends have always concerned me.  Now mind you, I’ve been very honest about how mean I used to be, but I’ve also made it clear that I am very sensitive. So let me ask you this? How can a sensitive person be judgmental? Continue reading “A Judgmental Empath is an Empowered Empath”

Here’s What I Think Incompatibility Really Means: An Astrological Shadow Work Exercise

If to know yourself is to love yourself, then to love someone else is to know them too right? But what does it mean when you get to know someone, and you don’t like them? Do you think that maybe you don’t like them because they remind you of something you don’t like about yourself? What if you don’t like them because they show you something you don’t know about yourself?

Continue reading “Here’s What I Think Incompatibility Really Means: An Astrological Shadow Work Exercise”

How to Love the Phoniness Out of You, a Shadow Work Exercise



Are you fed up with your phoniness? Well let me put it another way… are you tired of being afraid to show your true self? Do you obsess over things like image, branding, and etiquette? Do you constantly worry about what people think of you? Do you withhold how you really feel from others for the sake of looking good? Do your friends tell you that you are phony? Do you feel like a fraud sometimes?

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