Most of my poems are really short.

The Divine Masculine

Inspired by 4:44

The Masculine protects the universe

With powerful, purposeful plans

He speaks his piece

He fights for peace

And he doesn’t back down from demands


The masculine explores the universe

Excited, extroverted, enlightened

He enters the door

And he searches for more

And he can never be frightened.


The Masculine creates the universe

With his Feminine compassionate companion

He lives for her

He dies for her

And their love fertilizes in tandem


The Masculine is the universe

He is selfless and sexy and seen

He envisioned the path

And he walked that path

And vulnerability has now set him free


Do I confuse people?


Do I offend people?


Am I true to myself?



Talent. is. not.

A. competitive. sport.

We’ll figure this out

One day.


Artists are

The rulers of the underworld.

To love one,

Is to embrace

The perfect shadow.


Why does my inner-child keep crying?

I thought

I was old enough

To ignore her

By now.

What Do?

What do you do

When you know what you want

But you don’t know what

To want what you want means?


A date is a

Dance, within

A date,

Within a dance

How Celebrities Help Us

Those talented, tortured souls

teach us timeless, triumphant truths

that take our thoughtful, worshipping thrills

and turns them into intuitive chills.



My Ego told me I didn’t need her anymore,

And then she just up and left.

I miss her so much everyday,

But I know it was for the best.


The Multiple Layers of a Human Being

The Ego: I am your persona, your mask, and your cover. I want to protect you from pain, rejection, and embarrassment. I’ve been indoctrinated by family and society so I don’t know how to be authentic and am often plagued by guilt. I love you so much and I need approval.

The Shadow: I am your mystery and the depths of your waters. I want to be seen, heard, respected, and unconstrained. I’ve been shunned, and suppressed by family and society so I act out at unexpected times. I love you so much and I need integration.

The Inner Child: I am your innocence, your sweetness, and your laughter. I want to play, have fun, and create. I’ve been abused and shamed by family and society so I hide until I know it’s safe to come out. I love you so much and I need comfort.

The Higher Self: I am your sovereignty, your guide, and your healer. I want to lead you to love and the light. I’ve been ignored and scoffed at by family and society so I only reveal myself when you beckon to me. I love you so much and I only need your acknowledgment.



I am inconsistent.

Am I particles or waves?

I eat too much. I drink too much.

I can be warm, and then hot, and then cold.

I will overachieve, and later underachieve.

I’ll go without sleep and then I’ll oversleep.

I am perfectly human elite.

I am inconsistent… Am I consciousness or matter?

I can be kind and sweet… until you bore me or piss me off…

And then, I can be distant and mean.

I can be talkative or not talk at all.

I have to ascertain your worthiness of my deep thoughts:

No one’s allowed in without clearance. You must first be vetted.

I am egotistically self-critical. I am a contradiction that breathes.

I am inconsistent. Am I sleeping or am I dreaming?

Sometimes I know exactly what I want, but sometimes I know nothing at all.

When I am angry, I get really angry.

When I am sad, I get really sad.

But five minutes later… I forgive you and I’m happy.

When I love, I am connected and I do not detangle myself.

I am unconditionally me.

I am inconsistent. Should I worry, or am I safe?

I am introverted thinking and extroverted feeling.

I care too much because I’m sensitive.

I don’t care enough because I’m analytical.

I honestly think it’s all about me.

I don’t deny any aspect of my humanity.

I am all of humanity…

…And I am inconsistent.


Enjoying Life

When I’m hungry, I eat.

When I’m tired, I sleep.

And I don’t judge my body

For needing these things!


Soulmate Selection

soul mate, noun

  • 1:  a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament
  • 2:  a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs <ideological soul mates>

“I want her,”

I enthusiastically said as I pointed you out to him.

“Good choice,” he said with a smile,

And then he slowly leaned in…

“This is a very special soul,

She’s going to be your best friend.

She will teach you kindness and love

And give you a desire to win.

“Your independent nature will come directly from her,

Your sense of humor too.

Your communication style, your laugh, your smile,

Your way with your husband too!

“And when you think about her and how smart she is,

How adorable she is,

How strong she is,

You’ll look back fondly on this choice that you’ve made.

In choosing  your mom,

You’ve found your soulmate.”


Questions About Events

Because I foresaw it,

Does that mean I caused it?

Is the cause really the source of the effect?

Is the effect really the result of the cause?

Or are they the same event?



I don’t remember falling asleep,

I just remember waking up.

So what’s it like to fall asleep

Without ever waking up?


I Am And

I Am And

I am both you and me,

I am both seed and tree,

I am and.

I am both up and down,

I am both smile and frown,

I am and.

I am both young and old,

I am both hot and cold,

I am and.

Because I am two extremes,

Because I am so complete,

I am everything.

But because I am all degrees,

And because I am everything,

I am nothing.

…Not a bad thing!



You cannot catch a butterfly!

They never stay in one place for long.

When they leave you, do not cry.

They need to go spread their song.

To catch a butterfly is to eliminate their purpose,

They’re not being selfish when they move on.

If you are left behind, you are not worthless,

Just use their inspiration to stay strong.

And though you admire that butterfly,

You need to let them do what they do.

I know that you love them, I know that you need them,

But they weren’t just created for you!


Relentless Self-Love

I love you literally all the time.

To love you is to live.

I love the you that makes you you,

You are body, psyche, and mind.

Your presence, your perspective and your purpose

Means everything to me.

You ARE my presence, my perspective and my purpose…

You are everything to me!

I used to look outside,

When I should have been looking within.

But I no longer judge my pride.

I am forever your best friend.

Because you alone have the answer

To the questions I thought you didn’t have.

You alone are the perfection

That I thought I couldn’t grasp.

Everything that I need is in the universe within.

The grace, the power, the sin.

The highs, the lows, the balance…

The frown, the smirk, the grin.

You are unparalleled talent,

And I will never abandon you again.

Because you are me, and I am you.

You, are the God within.


Life as Play

Your life is not a joke!

It’s actually a game.

Your dreams, your fears, your hopes. ..

Your love, your money, your fame…

You think your life is real

But you’re an actor in a play.

But just listen to how you feel

And I promise you’ll be ok.

We play against the clock

As we go about our day.

The game it never stops,

We even play while we pray!

The problem is not the game,

The problem is that we think it’s real.

This zeal causes us pain,

And we judge, we hurt, we kill.

Don’t you know that it’s just a game???

We’re supposed to be having fun!

We’re not supposed to be the same

Because the object is to become one.

You think your life is real,

But you’re an actor in a play.

But just listen to how you feel…

I promise you’ll be ok.


The Past and Paradoxes

Because the past is in the past

Soon everything will pass

Death before dawn

And darkness before light

The seasons are my body

And the sea is like my life

Nothing stays the same

But everything is right

Zooming in you only see dots

But zooming out reveals a face

The stars burn in their spots

But in between is empty space

My soul watches in stillness

As all things pass by

The silence is the truth

And the noises are a lie

I dream as I awaken

I am alive because I died