The Duality/Freewill Contract

Duality started this whole thing. I enjoy writing about my hypocrisy. My hypocrisy is consistent so I know I’ll never run out of material. I don’t remember the first time that I felt like a hypocrite but I know that I’ve felt this way for most of my life. I’ve always done what you’re not supposed to do. Continue reading “The Duality/Freewill Contract”

Why I Like Making Extroverts Feel Bad

Do you walk around wearing labels? Oh just be honest! I walk around wearing the “minority” label quite proudly. Not only am I a minority, I’m a “multi-hyphenate minority:” Black, Woman, Introvert, Awkward… etc.  I love making people feel bad about the fact that I’m in the minority, especially when the other person is in the majority. Take my introversion for example, I love throwing it in extroverts’ faces that I’m an introvert. Continue reading “Why I Like Making Extroverts Feel Bad”