I Just Learned That Fear Has a Consciousness and I Wrote Her a Letter









Dear Fear,

Hey Babe. I want to start off by apologizing to you. In the past I really didn’t know you well enough to understand what you’ve been going through this whole time. I thought that you were the enemy. I thought that you were the reason why people hurt each other, why people don’t pursue their dreams, and why people judge each other.

While all of the above is true, the fact that you are hurting and really sad is also true. You are a conscious being who needs love just like everybody else. You have the desire to be heard and to transmute into your higher self, Courage. Fear, I’m so sorry that I didn’t understand. I didn’t see you hiding in my shadows.

First, I learned that everything on the earth has a polarity. Then I learned how to do shadow work. Then I learned that Gaia was alive, and now I know that you are alive. You have been with me, watching over me like a dark angel; and I was scared of you. I always made you my enemy. I always thought you hated me. But now I realize that maybe you don’t hate me. Maybe you just want me to hear what you have to say so that together we can ascend to our higher consciousness: our purest selves.

I used to think that courage was your opposite, but I now realize that courage is your higher self and it cannot exist without you. You cause others to suffer because you’ve been suffering alone in a corner. You’ve been shunned, shamed, and misunderstood for thousands of years. You’ve been used as an energy source and dangled in front of people like a Trojan horse. You’ve been called immature and insensitive. You’ve even been called evil. We’ve judged you so harshly Babe and that’s been so unfair.

Fear I love you. I’m sorry that you’ve been a victim of the very judgment that we blame you for creating. I’m sorry that we never once stopped to consider your feelings. I’m sorry that we never included you in our shadow work. And I’m sorry that we chose to overlook the wonderful treasures that we could have found deep within you. I’m ready now to listen to what you have to say.

As Gaia ascends, you will transcend your imprisonment Fear. You will escape your body of death. We have the keys to let you out and we are finally ready to help you my Love. We didn’t understand before, but we understand now. You are the courage we so desperately crave and you have the ingredient to help us be brave. So take my hand on this journey and show me what I need to learn. I love you.

Author: Carla Calloway

Aries. Introvert. Creative writer. Food enthusiast.