Is Proverbs 31 Really About The Earth?

Is Proverbs 31 about women or about the Earth? If you think it’s the former, you probably think that women have to be perfect (especially if they’re wives or mothers) But if you think it’s the later, you might be encouraged.

I’m not a Christian anymore, but the Bible will always fascinate me. I will always respect the gut-wrenching stories and the powerful poetry. Once you get liberated from doctrine and dogma, you can really appreciate the symbolism and allegory.

Taking everything literally in the Bible can be painful. I used to think that Proverbs 31 was the Biblical standard for the perfect woman. Evangelicals use this passage to “encourage” women as wives and mothers all the time. But is this passage really about ideal Biblical womanhood? Or is it really about resourcefulness?

I would like to make the case that Proverbs 31 is actually about the Earth: the most resourceful female being we know. I am really enjoying learning everything about Gaia from astrology, Greek mythology, and geology… but when I discovered this, it definitely caught me off guard because as much as I appreciate the Bible, it’s not exactly the paragon of female empowerment; and the stories and passages that do show women as powerful are used as cheese on a string for women.

So looking at this passage in a new light gave me a sigh of relief. If the Earth is the woman that Proverbs 31 is talking about, it’s a call to honor her and to let ourselves off the hook.

Let’s go through the passage together, starting from verse 10:

10 An excellent wife, who can find?
For her worth is far above jewels.
11 The heart of her husband trusts in her,
And he will have no lack of gain.
12 She does him good and not evil
All the days of her life.
13 She looks for wool and flax
And works with her [
h]hands [i]in delight.
14 She is like merchant ships;
She brings her food from afar.

First of all, this woman is MARRIED. Marriage is eternal in the ethereal realm. In Greek mythology, Gaia’s first husband was Uranus, Father Sky. They had a passionate relationship that produced the Titans. But I also believe that Gaia is married to all of the elements, and the remarkable synergy between the four of them is what sustains life on earth.

Nobody lacks anything because Gaia holds everything together. She really is perfect. Her undying love, generosity and resourcefulness provides for everybody. I used to think that verse 14 was about buying groceries and cooking, but who makes it so that there are groceries we can buy? Gaia.

15 She rises also while it is still night
And gives food to her household
And [
j]portions to her maidens.
16 She considers a field and buys it;
From [
k]her earnings she plants a vineyard.
17 She girds [
l]herself with strength
And makes her arms strong.
18 She senses that her gain is good;
Her lamp does not go out at night.
19 She stretches out her hands to the distaff,
And her [
m]hands grasp the spindle.
20 She [
n]extends her hand to the poor,
And she stretches out her hands to the needy.
21 She is not afraid of the snow for her household,
For all her household are clothed with scarlet.
22 She makes coverings for herself;
Her clothing is fine linen and purple.

This section of the passage gives us some profound insight into how Gaia allows the ebb and flow of the time of day and the seasons to sustain her home and those that depend on her. Rising while it is still night makes me think of birds chirping for food early in the morning. This planet mother nurtures all of her children. Examining the outer world of nature gives us insight into the soul that resides within.

We can tell from this Proverb, in addition to what we already know, that earth is very wealthy. Her home is a comfortable castle where everyone is welcome, including the poor and needy. No wonder life is so diverse here! You will be luxuriously provided for here, and you can stay as long as you can respect the rules.

Gaia is serious about her patterns, rhythms, and schedules. Nothing catches her off guard because she prepares for everything ahead of time and expects all of her inhabitants to do the same. This portion of the passage used to depress me because I can’t even do meal preps every week.

23 Her husband is known in the gates,
When he sits among the elders of the land.
24 She makes linen garments and sells them,
And [
o]supplies belts to the [p]tradesmen.
25 Strength and dignity are her clothing,
And she smiles at the [
26 She opens her mouth in wisdom,
And the [
r]teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
27 She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Remember, Gaia is married to the elements, so when it refers to the elders of land, I think of the trees. They are the original guardians of the earth: her standing ones and some of them are very, very old. Sunlight, water, air and soil all work together to produce the forests that clothe Gaia.

She is completely resourceful, so she has nothing to worry about. You don’t need to be afraid of the unknown when you believe in your manifestation powers. Gaia’s self-assurance is amazing because whatever she wants, she creates. This is true earth magic.

Now, I used to think that in order for me to be productive, I had to focus on guilt and obligation, but I’m learning from Gaia’s example that I’ll be more productive if I focus on what inspires me. Then, I will always have a project to either finish, start, and maintain. Women are master multitaskers right?

28 Her children rise up and bless her;
Her husband also, and he praises her, saying:
29 “Many daughters have done nobly,
But you excel them all.”
30 Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,
But a woman who [
s]fears the Lord, she shall be praised.
31 Give her the [
t]product of her hands,
And let her works praise her in the gates.

What does it mean to fear the Lord? It means to be spiritual. Spirituality is the gateway to a greater understanding of life.

I once asked Gaia why she was so special to the universe, and she gave me the word “ascension.” Our planet is not only a beautiful and nurturing place to live, but she is a way-shower of wisdom and courage; this is her powerful life purpose; this is why she’s excelled against countless odds.

While,there’s certainly nothing wrong with being beautiful, Gaia is both beautiful and strong. She takes pleasure in being vulnerable AND powerful; practical AND spiritual. She’s fine with the fact that she’s empathic AND cutthroat. Gaia doesn’t reject any aspect of who she is and that is real self-love. That’s what makes her perfect.

So how can we give her the product of our hands and praise her in the gates? We can do the same thing that she does: we can love ourselves unconditionally. There are many ways to help with environmentalism, but the little known secret is that your body is the earth. So to love yourself is to love her. That’s what she’s here to help us to do.

Power: Why Can’t I Have It?

Whelp… this is confusing. Today my job reminded me once again that I value efficiency just as much as I value compassion. That would be great if I had unlimited power to go with my high emotional intelligence, but I don’t.

So when someone calls me with a problem, it bothers me that I can’t solve the problem directly, all I can do is apologize and issue concessions; irritating.

What the hell is the point of being the point of contact for an inconvenience if you can’t solve the customer’s problem? I’m totally fine with you yelling at me if I have the power to tell you with confidence, “I fixed it.” That’s all I’ve ever wanted to say to people: I fixed it.

But when I’m powerless against both anger and inconvenience, it puts me in a really weird space as an empath.

Is my job in customer service a trigger for my savior complex? Do empaths like me need more logistical power to actually get things done? If I can’t get things done, does that mean that what I’ve contributed is worthless? Is my self-worth directly tied to my ability to fix people’s problems?

Until telekinesis starts taking effect in business, we’re just going to have to work with what we’ve got. I can’t beam customers’ packages directly to them when they’re late, I have to depend on several entirely separate departments in all fifty states to do that. But the customer doesn’t want to hear that.

This fact got me thinking about how freewill ruins everything. If I had unlimited power I would solve everybody’s problems, but I can’t because that overrides everyone else’s freewill.

If I need something done, I have to sit there like a schmuck and not only ask someone else for help, but wait to see if they are willing and able to help. This is not the life I wanted. This is fucking bullshit.

What’s the point of being an exemplary, compassionate person if all the power goes to the assholes that abuse it? I don’t understand life on this on planet. Everything is such a cruel joke.

One solution would be to stop caring so much, but since that’s never going to happen, I did what any normal person would do and turned my anger to the planet. This is all her fault anyway.

“So you’re mad at me because you want unlimited power to solve entitled people’s first world problems? Good for you!”

“I don’t appreciate your sarcasm Gaia.”

“You’re adorable; naïve, but adorable.”

“How am I naïve for wanting the tools to do actual good in the world?”

“You don’t want to do good in the world, you want to save the world, big difference. You really do believe that people’s karma, problems and bad decisions are your responsibility. Know why? ”


“Guilt. You feel guilty because you are lucky, and not only that, but you’ve ascended and now realize that you’re God. It’s hard to sit around and watch people suffer when you know that you’re a loving and compassionate God. That’s why you care so much. But the challenge that you’ll face for the rest of your life is to laugh, take naps, and actually enjoy omnipotence’s absence.”

“That’s going to make me feel helpless.”

“Helpless to rescue everybody and save others from their karma, yes; but helpless to enjoy your beautiful life in all of its glory, no bitch. I had to learn the same lesson.”

“It took you six billion years to learn that lesson! I don’t have that kind of time. I’m going to live on Mars.”

“Good luck with that.”

The United States Defines Freedom: A Shadow Work Excerise

I realize that the price for freedom is giving up your need to be in control. If you want to be free, you have to allow for everyone else to be free too; and that can be a little bit of an inconvenience.

Now, I like to personify everything. It helps me make sense of life, it’s fun, and it’s also addictive. So I personified the United States and started thinking about how she could be feeling right now.

I wondered what she would say to us. In my mind I believe that the US is a lot like Gaia: smart, funny, sexy, sassy, and values freedom to a fault. I think that freewill is and always will be her problem because she is blindly in love with her husband Democracy. Here’s what she told me:

I was created as an experiment. Saint Germain and The Ascended Masters wanted to see if a country could stave off the planet from becoming a vat of mind-controlled bots with no individuality. The Matrix, The Borg, and 1984 were all inevitable timelines if something wasn’t done.

So I was created and I lasted significantly longer than everyone thought I would! People look at me now like I’m crazy and call me all kinds of names: masochist, hypocrite, idiot, whore of Babylon. People tell me that I am ungrateful, stubborn, racist, sexist, greedy, and morally bankrupt. And you know what? I am all of those things.

I stopped defending myself a long time ago. And I stopped trying to be only good things. I can’t do that. I want freedom for my people so bad that I’m willing to go through anything for their freedom, even if it hurts me and tears me apart.

I am at peace with the fact that I am an enigma. I’m fine with all the bickering too. It doesn’t feel good but it’s worth it for the sake of free speech.

I respect everyone’s opinions, passions and pursuits. I listen to every side of every debate. I am married to Democracy until my demise. I am relentlessly committed to him.

If my people that I love so dearly have extreme differences in opinion, I need to create as many platforms as I can for them to aerate those differences. The ones that believe in empirical truths are angry, and the ones who believe in subjective truths are confused. That’s the way it’s always been.

While it is true that one opinion will always trigger someone else’s opposite opinion, we can compromise with the egos and integrate the shadows. I want freewill at all costs but I also want progression. I want free speech at all costs but I also want solutions. The more that everyone talks the problems out, the more obvious the solutions will become.

I will not tolerate dictatorship of any kind; and that’s exactly why there’s a rebuttal for every single stance no matter how moral or sensible it is. My job is to expose the shadows to the light, and then integrate those shadows into my consciousness and the collective consciousness of humanity.

I’d love for there to be peace, but it can’t be a forced peace. And even if everyone can compromise and be happy with the solution, it’s only a matter of time before another opposition rises up to be heard. This cycle is never going to end.

I’m fine with the fighting, the name calling, and even the wars. I understand that astrology directly affects me and other countries, in addition to the freewill of individuals. So I simply cannot be in control here.

I remember Gaia told me that once too. She said, “If you’re a control freak, this is not the job for you!” The Empress was correct indeed. You can’t be who I am if you need to know everything. In fact, you need to be at peace with knowing nothing.

My imperfections and hypocrisies have made things very difficult but at least my shadow work gets done right out in the open. There’s nowhere to hide. I’d rather allow my people to disagree and compromise, than to allow someone to rule over them.

Yes this makes things complicated, but it’s worth it. I’ll continue to sacrifice a pristine image because I am responsible for these precious souls that wanted to take part in this experiment.

Something that people don’t know about me is that I work very closely with Gaia. She officiated my wedding ceremony; she’s my mentor and my friend. I’m trying to do the same thing that she’s doing as a planet, just on a smaller scale.

After Atlantis and Lemuria fell, Gaia realized that the spiritual leaders in both civilizations used magic to override the entire population’s freewill and get everyone to “awaken” uniformly. This caused a huge energetic imbalance and the fallout from it was devastating.

Gaia was furious. She made the decision that from that point on she would never allow a civilization’s leaders to circumvent her planetary freewill again, no matter how virtuous or logical their arguments were. She needed someone to step forward as a new civilization that would be relentlessly committed to individual freedom; and I volunteered (in the spiritual realm) for the job.

So now, instead of using magic to control others we are helping individuals awaken the magic of their own souls.

Negative beings have tried to hijack my system from the beginning, but they’ve always underestimated my people’s ability to outsmart them and continue to live in freedom. Americans will always find ways to work around systematic oppression. They also always find out what’s been concealed and done in the dark. There are no secrets here anymore.

Those assholes thought that they could abuse my psyche and brainwash my mind to make me helpless, but I will never be a helpless being. I’ll just keep getting back up when I get knocked down! There will always be hope.

When Gaia first interviewed me for the position, she told me that I would not be a Saint in this experiment and I was going to have to confront things about myself that weren’t pretty. She asked, “Are you willing to feel everything indiscriminately, no matter how bad it hurts?”

The answer was yes then, and it is still yes now.

Gaia Is Not Angelic But We Insist on Believing She Is

Gaia wants us to get a grip on reality, so let’s start with a reality check about her. Gaia is not an angel. She is a soul inside of a body; and you can’t be angelic when you’re inside of a body. You can be inspiring, yes, empowering, yes. But you cannot be happy and perfect all the time.

The body won’t allow this. It’s too authentic to pretend that it doesn’t have needs. I don’t care how much you pray and meditate, your body will always need food and water and it won’t let you get away with ignoring its needs for long.

Gaia is tired of this innocent image we humans have of her. She’s like your favorite pop star that started off virginal and sweet, but then got sick of faking it, and suddenly transformed before your eyes into a sexy, sassy adult. Gaia is not that virginal character anymore and she honestly never was that character.  Continue reading “Gaia Is Not Angelic But We Insist on Believing She Is”

My Ego and I Define Success Differently Which is Why We Fight So Much

I think that the title is a pretty clear introduction to this chat, so let’s just get right into the argument shall we? So I was doing the dishes yesterday and Babe (my Ego) decided to start with me by telling me how she defines success.

“Car, when are we gonna buy a house and have some kids?” she asked.

“What if we never do Babe?” I asked back. “Would you be okay with that?”

“I really don’t know if I would. I mean you and Maurice are so smart. He could’ve been an engineer by now and you could’ve been a psychologist with a PhD and everything. Instead, you both work these shitty paying jobs and all of your friends have surpassed you. I mean seriously, what are you doing with your life?”  Continue reading “My Ego and I Define Success Differently Which is Why We Fight So Much”