The Universe Will Mirror Your Beliefs

This universe is holographic. Every day circumstances will mirror your beliefs. If someone sincerely believes something that you think is wrong, the universe will not prove them wrong… not until they start doubting for themselves.

But that’s just what I think. This isn’t written in stone, and I honestly can’t prove it concretely; but I can see the principle play out in every day scenarios. 

For example, I love Katy Perry. When she released her album Witness she did a live therapy session as part of the album’s promotion. Katy opened up to the therapist immediately and she cried a great deal while talking.

She was honest, inspiring, authentic, and funny. I really enjoyed the session, until I looked down and read the comments… that was a mistake.

Now some of the comments were actually quite kind, but for the most part people were downright mean. Religious zealots wrote that Katy was demon-possessed and needed to turn back to God. Conspiracy theorists typed about her going through an MK Ultra programming break-down. And anti-materialism people commented that this is what happens when you worship riches.

At first I was upset. Why were people so closed minded and judgmental?Everybody was wrong. But then I thought about it for a minute, and I realized that everyone was right.

Since I think that Katy is a sensitive and spiritual person, I saw that in the session. But when I was deep into studying mind control and conspiracy theories, I would’ve saw the MK Ultra. And when I was an evangelical Christian, I would have probably said that Katy needs to repent for getting off track and chasing fame instead of God.

Maybe this is why everyone thinks that what they believe is real. The universe confirms it. Society brainwashed us and religion indoctrinated us. But that doesn’t mean that sincere beliefs aren’t real. They’re real to the one believes them.

The universe responds to what you believe deep in your heart. So if you stick with the same belief without question, your world will stay the same. And if you question everything and change your beliefs all the time, your world will never stay the same.

I have no problem with this. My problem is communication. Exactly how much am I supposed to talk about what I believe? I have such a hard time talking to people who fundamentally disagree with my core values. I feel like they think I’m an idiot.

But maybe it’s not that I’m an idiot, maybe it’s just that my belief system doesn’t work in their world. And honestly, can I really fault anybody for that?

If you believe in ghosts, I have no problem with your belief in ghosts. If I see that it makes you a happy and healthy person who has high self-esteem, by all means continue to believe in ghosts.

But if I see that your belief in ghosts enslaves you to fear, keeps you from getting good rest, and makes you look down on others, pretty soon I’m going to start asking questions.

Why do you continue to believe something that seems to only make you miserable? You really don’t have to do that!

Maybe some look down on me because they think that I believe a lie. Well if I’m going to believe a lie, I want it to be a lie that works for me. You have the right to believe whatever you want to believe until that belief stops working for you.

Misery and spiritual maturity do not have to go together. But hey, that’s just what I believe.

Author: Carla Calloway

Aries. Introvert. Creative writer. Food enthusiast.