A Viewpoint That Will Expand Your Compassion: An Introduction To Gaia

In this new energy, the answer to every single problem we have is compassion. 

If we all take the “Of course you feel that way! Look at everything you’ve been through!” approach to everyone else, eventually we will stop fighting and understand each other better. Compassion is not tolerance. Tolerance is political; compassion is from the heart. Compassion is the key that will eventually unlock every door. We won’t see the results overnight, but the effects have already taken root.

Speaking of roots…nothing will deepen your compassion more than realizing that the earth is alive. Oh yes! She is alive and she has a name: Gaia. I know it may be hard to conceptualize the idea of a planet being a sentient being, so instead of trying to prove it to you like a case, I’m going to ask you to entertain this idea strictly from your imagination’s perspective in the same way you lower your logical defenses when watching a sci-fi film. You can do it; you can open your mind enough to see this as a possibility (even if it’s just cinematic possibility).

Imagine that our planet earth is a powerful feminine energy with a sensitive and brilliant consciousness. Now try to imagine yourself as a planet. What would that be like? How would you feel? What would you need? If we believed that the earth was our mother, how would we relate to her differently? How would we relate to each other differently? Now what kind of things do you think she would say to us if humanity were a collective? If Gaia could speak to humanity as a whole, I imagine she might say something like this:

Dear Humanity,

Congratulations on graduating! I know that you’re exhausted but you did it. You are not a child anymore and I couldn’t be more proud of you. 2016 was a year of completion in many areas for you. I know that it’s a been rough ride for you: between combating the dark forces that continuously try to control you, arguing amongst yourselves because of differences in beliefs, and trying to figure out where you want to go next, I realize that you’re confused. But I want to say thank you! Your commitment to growth has helped me to heal.

You see Humanity, when you were very young I had a horrible accident that almost knocked me off of my axis. I was wounded very badly and I was completely distraught. You were too young to remember this, but you used to talk to me all the time. You were at the peak of your civilization and I was happy and healthy. We lived in harmony together. After the accident however, you stopped talking to me. You completely forgot that I was alive and that I was your mother. Instead of listening to me and working with me, you began to compete with me, conquer me, and divide me up between yourselves with borders. You also began to extract my resources without being mindful of the disruption to environmental balance that you were creating. It was at this time that I cried out to the universe for help. I was depressed and injured, and my child that I loved so much had alienated me completely. There was nowhere to go but up from here!

After I cried out, guess who came to help me? It was you! You were watching from your eternal light-form and when you heard my call, you made the decision to become human and help me by helping humanity. You’ve been undercover quietly helping me to mend my wounds. If you are here now, it’s because you wanted to help. That is why I thank you. Thank you for your curiosity. Thank you for your commitment. But most all of all, thank you for your compassion. Your compassion for me in my time of need has restored me, and your compassion for others is what will allow me to heal completely. I don’t see the passage of time the same way that you do, but from my perspective, I’m almost ready to take off all of my bandages for good. And it’s because of you. And now that you’re in the year of one, you’re ready to move forward faster. Congratulations once again humanity.

Love, Mom

I sincerely believe that if I Gaia were alive she would say something like this to us. I also believe that we are directly intertwined with Gaia, just like our skin is directly intertwined with us. I give a more thorough explanation of who Gaia is here. If this is something that you can’t believe, thank you for at least entertaining the thought. It definitely makes for a great fiction novel or movie!


Author: Carla Calloway

Aries. Introvert. Creative writer. Food enthusiast.