Gaia Is Not Angelic But We Insist on Believing She Is

Gaia wants us to get a grip on reality, so let’s start with a reality check about her. Gaia is not an angel. She is a soul inside of a body; and you can’t be angelic when you’re inside of a body. You can be inspiring, yes, empowering, yes. But you cannot be happy and perfect all the time.

The body won’t allow this. It’s too authentic to pretend that it doesn’t have needs. I don’t care how much you pray and meditate, your body will always need food and water and it won’t let you get away with ignoring its needs for long.

Gaia is tired of this innocent image we humans have of her. She’s like your favorite pop star that started off virginal and sweet, but then got sick of faking it, and suddenly transformed before your eyes into a sexy, sassy adult. Gaia is not that virginal character anymore and she honestly never was that character. 

Greek mythology already demonstrated that Gaia’s not perfect. She was a bad ass and a pimp for god’s sake! She caused a lot of problems and made a lot of mistakes. But I guess we forgot that because we know how much she loves us.

And maybe we need Gaia to be angelic because if she’s too much like us, it makes us insecure. I mean how much can you really rely on someone who changes their mind, gets angry, and makes mistakes? Enlightened beings aren’t supposed to have these problems… right?

Now this is not all our fault, but we need to take responsibility for our part in this. Putting someone on a pedestal sets you up for disappointment and makes you criticize yourself too harshly. I mean look at what we do to our spiritual leaders.

We expect them to be angelic and to never change or let us down. We compare ourselves to them and always come up short; and we expect them to consistently meet our expectation to be comforted and entertained. But what if they don’t feel like entertaining us today?

This sainthood complex spells inauthenticity for everyone, and the problem with inauthenticity is that it robs us of the right we have to walk our own path. We’ve been in an emotional dark age for a long time and now that we’re finally emerging, we need to start with authenticity. If Gaia doesn’t feel like entertaining us anymore, she simply doesn’t have to. We need to take responsibility for ourselves.

Gaia said that all of this angelic channeling that we hear from her is going to end. She’s sick of it. No more fake shit. She doesn’t talk the way we think she does. She actually talks like us! If we’re going to accept our own complexity as humans, we need to accept that the people we look up to are complex too. This is not a bad thing. It’s black AND white, not either or.

We think in black and white terms because beings that wanted to control us taught us to think that way. Black and white thinking keeps humans divided, and as long as we’re divided we can’t empower each other to think for ourselves. You can’t walk your own path when you’re imprisoned to black and white thinking. You will continuously give your power away because you simply don’t know how to take responsibility for your own life.

And you wanna know something else? There’s nothing wrong with not being angelic because… we’re not angels! Angels help us and empower us but they’re not human, and they really don’t judge us for being human. They are facilitators of this reality like stage hands are to a play. They don’t hold judgments about the play’s plot or dialogue; they just want to make sure that the play runs smoothly.

The angels are here to offer us empowerment. Empowerment is the best support possible because it lets you make your own decisions. The angels will insure that all of the props are in place for the next scene, but they’re not going to memorize your lines for you. That’s your job. But if you forget a line, they will feed you your next line from back stage.

What’s really going to blow your mind is when you realize that God Himself is in the audience laughing and learning from the plot of the play. He’s not gasping in judgment, shock, or horror; he’s actually thoroughly enjoying himself as we act this thing out.

The play starts at the top with the planetary bodies (and above) and works its way down to us. It even goes all the way down to our cells and their drama. Everything that has consciousness is a part of this play. And demanding angelic standards for everyone is like censoring the greatest show in the universe. Why would you do that?

It takes bravery to stop demanding that all enlightened beings be angelic, but we’re big boys and girls now guys. We can handle it. We can handle our complexities and take control of our own destinies. We can handle authenticity and all of the drama that comes with it. We can handle not being perfect… Because not being perfect is the whole point of the play.

Oh… and watch this video. This is what Gaia really sounds like. This is real shit!

Author: Carla Calloway

Aries. Introvert. Creative writer. Food enthusiast.