Sex is not for Spiritual Beings… Or is it?

What’s it like to have a role model that’s not human? It’s wonderful… when that role model is the earth. Gaia is a gentle genius and an extremely selfless soul. She is the mother that human women aim to be. And the more I learn about her, the more I realize that it’s impossible to duplicate her perfection.

There’s just one problem though: we think that she’s a nun. After all, planets can’t have sex right? 

A hidden truth about Gaia is her sexuality. Maybe we don’t want to know this. Maybe we would rather believe that all of our spiritual heroes were untainted by sexual relations; because sex makes us angry.

Sex is of the flesh; sex is dirty; sex is for marriage only; spiritual beings should be conservative, not sexy…etc. We’d rather lie to ourselves so that we don’t have to see the truth that is hidden just beneath the surface.

It’s a good thing that Gaia doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s actually hilarious. One day I asked her a question about sex, and I was embarrassed (because I thought she was a virginal saint at the time) but she laughed.

“Mama, you don’t have to answer this question if you don’t want to,” I told her. “I’m sorry if that question was inappropriate.” After all, you don’t ask your mother a question about her sex life… ever.

But her response was comforting. She said that it was impossible for me to ask her an inappropriate question; because I am her and she is me, anything that I want to know about her is a question about me; and anything that I want to know about myself is a question about her. If that’s not symbiosis, I don’t know what is.

Now, since I am clearly a sexual being that must mean…

Gaia doesn’t understand why this isn’t obvious. “Can’t people tell that I’m sensual?” I remember her asking me with a laugh. And when you think about it, it is obvious. Just look at the earth.

Places like Hawaii, Mexico, and Ireland-to name just a few- all ooze sensuality. Trees, mountains, and flowers are all very enticing. They want to be admired for their beauty. They want to be touched.

There are very few asexual species here. Your cells are also earth elementals, and they’re having love affairs too. And let’s not even get into how sex-obsessed we are as human beings.

Gaia is constantly giving birth through every single mother. She’s also a wife in most of the myths. Every ancient story about a married heroine is about her, and how she relates to her lovers and children: every single one.

The heavenly bodies and the elements reproduce their stories here. That’s why we never get tired of myths and fairy tales; that’s why we keep recreating them.

This is extremely empowering to realize because Gaia is a real badass. She fell in love a few times and she’s kept all of her lovers. She put them on a schedule and she made all of them get along!

Because of hints in nature, science, and mythology, we already know who four of Gaia’s primary lovers are: fire (the sun), water (the sea), air (the sky), and ether (subatomic matter). They are all interdependent on the planet and within us.

Honestly, I’m not surprised. Gaia is a sexy and beautiful being.  She brings a lot to the table. Oh, and did I mention that she was thick? It’s true.

She tried to make serial monogamy work at first: she would leave one relationship in order to commit to another. But eventually she realized that that wasn’t the best pattern for her. So she negotiated polyamorous terms with her four husbands; and they loved her enough to agree to the terms.

It’s very important for us to release judgments about ourselves and others. We are quick to shame both men and women for their intimate choices without knowing the whole story.

Gaia’s compassion and inner wisdom prevents her from judging herself harshly in this area. So like her, at the end of the day, we need to trust that we know what is best for us.

If marriage is best for you right now, get married. If dating is best for you right now, date. If celibacy is best for you right now, stay celibate. Just keep in mind that the way you feel now could change in the future.

What works perfectly for you now, might not work too well later. Release the old so that the new can enter. Be patient with the process.

I believe that Gaia has other romantic relationships that we don’t know about yet. She’s always moving, growing and changing right along with the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe. Everyone up there is dancing and enjoying the pure energy of life.

So Gaia really doesn’t care if our small minds think she’s a “slut” or a “whore.” Gaia is a sexual creator being whether we are comfortable with this fact or not.

And why not be comfortable with it? When you think about it, this truth explains so much about who we are.


Author: Carla Calloway

Aries. Introvert. Creative writer. Food enthusiast.