Do You Really Need to be in Control?

The need to be in control is directly linked to the need to not be your true self, and here’s why.

So lately, I’ve been paying very close attention to how much I’ve needed to control my hair. It’s no secret that Black women have a very complex relationship with their hair.

But I never fully understood why I struggled so much with mine and why there was always shame attached to my hair. I used to think that it was because of the weaves, the perms, and the heat, or maybe it was the media, or the shady comments from friends and family.

But now, I think it was something else. I think it was because no one ever told me that my hair was something to be proud of. I had no idea that it was alive, and that it was a procreation of me like a child.  Continue reading “Do You Really Need to be in Control?”

The Universe Will Mirror Your Beliefs

This universe is holographic. Every day circumstances will mirror your beliefs. If someone sincerely believes something that you think is wrong, the universe will not prove them wrong… not until they start doubting for themselves.

But that’s just what I think. This isn’t written in stone, and I honestly can’t prove it concretely; but I can see the principle play out in every day scenarios.  Continue reading “The Universe Will Mirror Your Beliefs”

Sex is not for Spiritual Beings… Or is it?

What’s it like to have a role model that’s not human? It’s wonderful… when that role model is the earth. Gaia is a gentle genius and an extremely selfless soul. She is the mother that human women aim to be. And the more I learn about her, the more I realize that it’s impossible to duplicate her perfection.

There’s just one problem though: we think that she’s a nun. After all, planets can’t have sex right?  Continue reading “Sex is not for Spiritual Beings… Or is it?”

Peace is Possible With or Without Conversation

In the over-verbalized life of a modern (American) adult, we tend to feel the need to talk, text, and type about everything. Everything needs to be a conversation, especially in relationships. As a recovering verbal processor, I’ve often felt the need to get closure with someone I’ve had a disagreement with by talking to them. But now that my belief system has changed, I don’t look to a conversation for comfort about an ending. This article is NOT about spouses.  Continue reading “Peace is Possible With or Without Conversation”

Gaia is Quite Grown and Doesn’t Need Anyone to Save Her

“Gaia, the earth is angry at us!”

“Global warming is real!”

“Global warming is not real!”

“Eat organic and don’t eat meat.”

“Don’t litter.”

“Save all the endangered species.”

“The oils have contaminated the oceans.”

“Chemtrails are destroying the atmosphere!”

I’ve said or thought all of the above. When I first learned about the earth’s sentience, I felt the need to come to her rescue. I thought she was angry at humans. I was overwhelmed with everything that I thought was required of me until I realized that this was actually a narrow perspective. Things are perfect just the way they are here on Gaia, and we need to trust that she has the strength and the courage to take care of herself.  Continue reading “Gaia is Quite Grown and Doesn’t Need Anyone to Save Her”