Peace is Possible With or Without Conversation

In the over-verbalized life of a modern (American) adult, we tend to feel the need to talk, text, and type about everything. Everything needs to be a conversation, especially in relationships. As a recovering verbal processor, I’ve often felt the need to get closure with someone I’ve had a disagreement with by talking to them. But now that my belief system has changed, I don’t look to a conversation for comfort about an ending. This article is NOT about spouses. 

I believe that everyone has a Higher Self and our higher selves are all pure love. It was from this place of pure love that we all decided to come to earth and explore a variety of experiences for the purpose of expansion, love, fun, sex, excitement, and the entire spectrum of human emotion. This is a game we wanted to play. We signed up to forget who we really were, and get completely immersed in this 3-D simulation. It’s very similar to movies like “The Matrix” and “Inception.” We are all asleep.

Some of us-for reasons that are many, varied, and usually unexplainable- eventually come out from under the anesthesia, remember who we are, and want to tell everybody else. Those we try to tell call us crazy behind our backs. They also yell at as us, disown us, worry about us, and mourn for us.  This experience of rejection is extremely difficult, until we realize that we need to just trust love, let go, and have fun.

Considering that my belief system does not include a tragic end for non-believers, you would think it should be a little easier for me to let people believe what they want to believe. But we’re all human and we all have egos that want to be right. Those who are spiritual really want to be right because we have a tendency to believe that we are here to save the world.

Now, my relationship with my Ego is very unorthodox… I need her! So I often find myself talking her down from the ledge of self-righteous self-sacrifice. The first thing I tell my Ego is that I’m really not here to save the world. My Higher Self approached Gaia and asked her if I could come here, not vice versa, so with or without me, she’d be fine. I also remind my ego that I’m not here to save individuals.

Everyone here knows what they’re doing, even if it’s only on a subconscious level. The narcissist came here to have that experience; and so did the priest, the single-mom, the atheist, and the reality star. It’s not my place to judge the experience that someone’s Higher Self wanted to have.

Just because I came here to “wake up” doesn’t mean that everybody else came here for that. There’s dignity in every expression of life and I love the human experience. As humans we can do whatever we want. We can work hard, work smart, or not work at all. We can reproduce with one person, more than one person, or not at all. We can create art, we can build machines, or we can curate the conversations of the culture.

And that’s why I don’t need a closure conversation with those that I’ve left behind. I don’t need to sit across from someone and tell them why I think they’re wrong for what they think, how they feel, and why they believe what they believe. I only need to live my life to the fullest and respect the life that others have chosen to live as well.

As someone who’s chosen to awaken, I know that everyone’s Higher Self is good, and I can talk to someone’s higher self for closure. Talking to someone’s higher self gives insight into who the person really is, far beyond the role that they are playing. It’s like being on the set of “The Matrix,” and bypassing Neo to speak directly to Keanu Reeves. And if Neo needs a conversation with me, I listen to him with respect for the character he’s playing, without the condescending attitude of “Why don’t you know who you really are?”

I love a lot of people, and I disagree with a lot of people. The path I’ve chosen is not a popular one considering that THIS is how I think; but I’m having so much fun playing my own little game! So is it really fair of me to criticize how someone else has chosen to play their game? If I love someone who I disagree with, can’t I just choose to respect them and pretty much leave them alone? I don’t mind it when others leave me alone. Except for Maurice… I’m obsessed with him.

Author: Carla Calloway

Aries. Introvert. Creative writer. Food enthusiast.