Gaia is Quite Grown and Doesn’t Need Anyone to Save Her

“Gaia, the earth is angry at us!”

“Global warming is real!”

“Global warming is not real!”

“Eat organic and don’t eat meat.”

“Don’t litter.”

“Save all the endangered species.”

“The oils have contaminated the oceans.”

“Chemtrails are destroying the atmosphere!”

I’ve said or thought all of the above. When I first learned about the earth’s sentience, I felt the need to come to her rescue. I thought she was angry at humans. I was overwhelmed with everything that I thought was required of me until I realized that this was actually a narrow perspective. Things are perfect just the way they are here on Gaia, and we need to trust that she has the strength and the courage to take care of herself. 

When you love somebody, sure you want to protect them; but how can you protect someone who is bigger than you can conceptualize, has lived longer than you can imagine, and is smarter than you will ever be? Gaia is not “a baby in poopy diapers,” like she says here. The human ego can’t really do anything to help this ingenious, sovereign being. Even though thinking that we can help her may make us feel better, accepting that all is in divine order brings true peace.

Even though I love Gaia with all my heart, I need to understand that she is not helpless; she is effortless. She gracefully goes with the flow like a stunning and powerful waterfall. The best way to help her is to honor her the same way that she honors us and our freewill. How does worrying about anyone in your life really help them anyway? It doesn’t. It actually robs the individual of their power to make their own choices and create their own life. I needed to hear this right now because I’m getting more and more comfortable with my own self-empowerment.

We can help Gaia by being grateful. She has done a lot of work on herself over the eons and I am honored to be her partner in this experience. Sometimes I feel like human beings are in a pressure cooker of spiritual enlightenment. We have to learn all of the lessons that the planet learns (if we choose); but she has had billions of years to learn them, whereas we have to learn them in a few short years!

Maybe this explains why I feel so connected to Gaia. She’s learned the lessons that I am learning now. She had to overcome sadness, abuse, abandonment, and heartbreak. She had to find her own voice in the midst of her nurturing nature. She had to learn to respect her biorhythms. She had to learn self-reliance and self-control. She took her passion and creativity and made a beautiful life for herself and those who depend on her. The future is hers to create, just as it is ours.

Gaia has always had a backup plan for her ascension. Even though she’s had to go through many dark nights of the soul, she’s always been able to transmute persistent negative energy into powerful self-awareness. She is amazing! And last but not least, she’s integrated and made peace with her shadow; and someone who’s made peace with their shadow does not need to be saved or pitied by anyone.

Author: Carla Calloway

Aries. Introvert. Creative writer. Food enthusiast.