Humility And Arrogance Are Both Connected To Insecurity

I’ve always liked to believe that arrogance is bad, and humility is good. But what if they’re both bad, and what if they’re both good? Whether good or bad, they’re both connected to insecurity. We like humble people because we’re insecure. We don’t like arrogant people because we are insecure. 

I want to focus on humility right now for the sake of this argument because I’m getting sick of us idolizing humility in spiritual circles and society in general. Have you noticed that people who love humility hate pride? Have you also noticed that people who love humility tolerate, and even celebrate insecurity?  I’m just asking.

To demand that talented people such as gold medal winning athletes, Grammy winning artists, and Nobel Prize winning intellectuals pretend to be shy or ashamed of their gifts is to celebrate insecurity. Isn’t it okay for people to be confident as long they’re not petty?

I remember watching this Simone Biles interview, and people in the comments section were calling her arrogant, rude, and sassy. I mean come on! She’s Simone Biles for goodness sake! How many gold medals did you win when you were her age? Hasn’t she earned the right to know her worth and exude her star quality? Why do others have to compensate for our insecurities by pretending to be humble?

We’re not comfortable when young people express themselves as confident, and cavalier toward the opinions of others. No matter how talented, brilliant, and successful they are, we enjoy telling them to be humble and sit down; but what if “I can’t fake humble just ‘cuz your ass is insecure?

This is just my opinion, but nobody who is ridiculously successful is humble. The ones that come across that way are just pretending because they know it makes people feel better. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like Jimmy Fallon. He’s a multi-millionaire and he’s on TV everyday, but he tries so hard to pretend he’s not arrogant. It’s the same thing with Ellen. We know you’re a control freak Ellen! That’s what contributes to your massive success.

Why does humility make us feel better? Because we don’t respect self-love. We’re afraid that if we start to love ourselves too much, it’ll make those around us feel uncomfortable. Some people will be attracted to our confidence, while others will be turned off and start criticizing. And most of us would rather pretend to be humble, than be rejected for coming off as arrogant.

What if the sun was self-conscious about its brightness and decided to only shine every now and then? Do you think Gaia is humble considering that she’s one of the most famous planets in the universe? Everybody’s watching to see what’s going to happen next here, so obviously she doesn’t have a problem being on display.

I’m not expecting everyone to eventually conform to my way of thinking, I’m merely explaining why I don’t have a problem with confident people, celebrities or not. I was indoctrinated to believe that humility is superior to arrogance and I had to let that way of thinking go. I think confident people, like my husband, are inspiring and sexy. I don’t idolize Jay Z and LeBron James for their looks, and I don’t play “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar five times a day because of the beat!

Confident people send you a message and they issue you a challenge. They send the message that they deserve what they have because they believe in who they are. The challenge they issue is the following: Are you going to bow before me in worship? Look down on me in hatred? Or stand eye to eye with me in self-love?

Today I did a reading from the Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman, and I pulled the Ruby card. This is what the book said about the Ruby crystal:

“You are a beautiful, loving, shining light on this planet, possessing deep love and wisdom to share with many…You have been playing it small and hiding in the shadows for too long and now it is your time to SHINE. Ruby gives you permission to shine your light out into the world and to know that you’re amazing.”

Indeed you truly are. No need to be humble about that.

Author: Carla Calloway

Aries. Introvert. Creative writer. Food enthusiast.